Despite having started out as a Practical Nurse, I have (fortunately) somehow meandered my way back to something that was a little more me; a little more creative. 
Often times I am asked, "Why did you quit Nursing? And why Animation, of all things?"
The thing about animation is that you can tell a story about absolutely anything and immerse your audience in a world where everything conventionally odd just makes sense. Every frame created by the animator is something they have deliberately chosen to show you, and builds up to a storyline for their audience to enjoy. To be able to share a feeling with or teach a lesson to someone through compelling animation is something I take great pride in learning how to do.
With that being said, I am passionate about animated movies and video games. I also have a thing for spicy instant noodles, but that's just because they pair well with the former two.
So where does that leave me? 
Well, I'm hoping to meet other devoted and passionate folks who would love to team up and make something pretty cool.
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